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Infinite Banking

Infinite Banking is nothing more than mutual life insurance companies who properly structure a dividend-paying Whole Life policy for you. The wealthy use it daily. In fact, the more wealthy a person is the more it appears they use life insurance as a means to protect, and grow, their wealth for themselves and generations to come.

This financial vehicle:

  • Works like your own private bank
  • Offers peace of mind
  • Has both living and death benefits
  • Uses both leverage and velocity to accelerate your earnings
  • Guaranteed principal protection–you cannot lose money
  • Consistent, yearly dividend payouts
  • Principal and dividend compound tax free (and remain tax free upon withdrawal)
  • Access your money when you need it–no government imposed restrictions
  • Can fund business and other capital expenses
  • Provides retirement income
  • Income received through life insurance will NOT affect Social Security benefits
  • Tax-free wealth transfer
  • Probate free

So why haven’t you heard of this before? I honestly have no idea (and will be dedicating an entire newsletter on this subject alone) but for now the simple answer is–if you invest your money in yourself it won’t make Wall Street rich.

Are you thinking this sounds too good to be true or must be some type of investment scheme? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Becoming your own banker is an extremely consistent process.

It requires commitment and discipline. And only people who pay their bills are good candidates for Infinite Banking. That is because you are about ready to become both the consumer, and the banker. You will not make money as a banker if you, as the consumer, do not repay your loans.

Take a moment and add up the finance charges you are currently paying: mortgage, car, credit cards and other loans. If you’re like most Americans you’ll find that it’s anywhere from $0.36-0.46 of every single one of your after-tax dollars. This means you have paid the government first and next you’re paying some finance company over 33% of each remaining dollar.

The average American will make over one million dollars in his lifetime. One million dollars. Is there one million dollars sitting in any of your bank accounts right now? When you look at all the money you’ve made so far in your life what percent of that money is really being used to create current and future wealth for your family?

If you’re not where you want to be financially it’s probably because you’ve been giving away at least a third of your after-tax dollars to a bank.

That can change, and that can change today. Do you want to continue giving the government and banks your hard-earned money? Money that you could use to actually create real, lasting wealth for your family? If you’d like to see that money in your pocket then this email series is for you. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about designing your own banking policies.